“An excellent track in every aspect, packed with talent, this band has got what it takes”
Rob Halford – Judas Priest

Alt – Rock outfit from Sheffield, Deadset Dream are set to release their debut EP, entitled Battlecry, on April 1st.

Following the media frenzy they gained from the release of their newest single The Fall, Deadset Dream have been hard at work forging the elements of Modern Alt. Rock with Easycore, and using Pop Punk as the bonding agent. The resulting EP is a powerful image of what would happen if You Me At Six lived in a disused factory for a month and ate only steak and nails. In short, it has balls.

Blending masterful song writing with meaty hooks and diabolical riffs, and adding vocals that range from harmony filled melodies to guttural shrieks, Deadset Dream have mastered the craft of modern rock song writing, and the underground scene is waiting intently for the band to throw more music their way. Deadset Dream have gained a cult following in Sheffield alone, and are building equally strong fan bases across Yorkshire. The band will be touring their EP all the way through till summer, where they have even more in store for us.

The Fall was named #49 in BBC Introducing’s ‘Tracks of The Year’ for 2015, and the band have developed a close friendship with the one and only Rob Halford of Judas Priest, who will be sporting a Deadset Dream T Shirt on his next tour.

“The new Deadset Dream track is immense!!”
BBC Introducing