After storming the UK with a tour with Hyena Kill, Fizzy Blood will be flying out to Austin, Texas on Monday to showcase at the world’s most premier industry showcase, SXSW Festival!

Following a string of successful releases; starting with the insanity that was the FEAST EP, to their screaming single I’m No Good and the most recent Sweat And Sulphur, Fizzy Blood have proved their worth to the UK with an appearance in the Official BBC SXSW Playlist!

In case you don’t know who Fizzy Blood are, they are one of UK’s best Alt Rock bands. Sporting a furious mixture of Modern Grunge and Alien Melodies, Fizzy Blood are set on reaching high places, starting with BD Riley’s Bar in Austin, Texas. 

The team at Alya Records are dying to see what the world will think to Fizzy Blood, having yet to find anyone who dislikes them….