Do you play live or have your music played on the radio?

If you are not currently a member of PRS (Performing Right Society) or PPL, you are missing out on payments for your live performances and radio broadcasts. Alya Records can help you get these payments. Every year, hundreds of thousands of pounds goes unclaimed from street level artists who are not members of PRS and PPL.

Every building in the UK that plays music, be it a live music venue, a pub, a shopping centre or lift in Asda, is legally obligated to pay their PRS License that allows them to play music. The money paid to the PRS through these licenses is then available to be claimed by artists and bands who play live, or have their music broadcast publicly. Less than 50% of this money is claimed by artists, and sits with the PRS forever. 

This is YOUR money. Running a band is not cheap. 

Alya Records can help you collect your royalties. Our Publishing Agreement allows us to claim money from the PRS and channel it back to you. 

Also, if you have recorded music, we can put your tracks forward for synchronisations into film and TV. This is the most efficient way of reaching an audience and boosting your sales and streams. Not only this, but synchronisations pay out significantly to artists. Artists have been known to fund world tours based on achieving a good sync, and some have been skyrocketed to success through a perfectly suited sync.

Our Publishing Agreement ensures a full registration to Performing Rights Organisations around the world, an efficient and transparent royalty collection service, and no delays in payment. As soon as we recieve your royalties, we transfer them to your bank account. Easy money.

The agreement is non restrictive, and keeps the copyrights under the ownership of the artist – the way it should be. Our service is free, with Alya Records taking a 30% cut of the royalty income. If you decide that our deal is not for you, then we will terminate the agreement when requested  given 28 days notice.

We pay out royalties on a quarterly basis, and collect gig and broadcast claims monthly, keeping us ahead of the curve.

If earning money through Music Publishing interests you, then email We look forward to having you on board.