Following the earth shattering success of their tremendous single ‘Tastes Like Funk’, I Set The Sea On Fire are set to release their long awaited debut album ‘Sleep Now Suburbia’ on April 15th. Prepare your soul.

If you’ve ever listened to, seen, or experienced I Set The Sea On Fire in anyway, you’ll understand my predicament when it comes to describing them. Sounding like a cross between Indie, Grunge, and good old dirty Funk, I Set The Sea On Fire are one of a kind. After a string of packed out shows in their hometown of Sheffield, these breakers of the laws of physics have solidified their artsy following, and defined themselves as the hottest Alternative band in the city. 


With their last single ‘Shake The Grave‘ gathering momentum and boatloads of support, I Set The Sea On Fire are set on spreading their flames across our land. But rest assured no ocean (be it named Pacific, Atlantic or Billy) will be safe from the complete and utter redefinition of Alternative music at the hands of I Set The Sea On Fire.

“Shake The Grave is unbelievable!”

“Jesus, what a track!”