fizzy live

Good things are happening. Over the past month, the Alya Records Roster has gone out into the world and made it’s mark on the industry. ‘How?’ I hear you say? Let me explain.

First of all, Fizzy Blood absolutely annihilated Live @Leeds. Returning to their home town after flying halfway across the Earth and two insane tours, Fizzy Blood are truly one of the UK’s most passionate bands. Not to mention their two sold out dates with The Virginmarys.

Also, Deadset Dream have been in the studio yet again to record their summer single ‘Snakes & Ladders’. Channelling a hazy Pop Punk summer sound, the band will be releasing Snakes & Ladders in late July. No official date yet. Sorry.

Photography by Elliot Young.

Speaking of releases, the debut album from I Set The Sea On Fire has bolted out the gate with over 40,000 streams on Spotify and plays on BT Sport and Sky Sports. After their album launch, promoters from all over the UK have been trying to land a slot for them. Having recently signed to Pioneer Music Agency, one of the best upcoming booking agencies in the country. Things are moving forward very fast.


Festival Season is approaching. With Fizzy Blood, I Set The Sea On Fire and O Captain all taking to the Tall Ship Stage across the weekend of Liverpool Sound City, and Long Division hosting a mass of stunning artists from the extended Alya Records Roster, it appears this Festival Season will be one to remember. With Fizzy Blood, I Set The Sea On Fire, O Captain, Deadset Dream, Monoking, The Homesteads, and Habberdash all playing, Long Division ’16 will no doubt be full to the brim with similar, like minded upcoming artists. If you’re in tune with the local scene, you’ll know what an insane weekend it will be.

The summer is fast approaching, and so is the Alya Records roster. Normally I’d say not to bother with band wagons, but this is definitely one you want to be on. Happy Summer.