the team

Contrary to popular opinion, record labels do not run themselves. We thought it was about time you met the team.

Our Director, Guru and resident tea drinker is Frank Wilkes. Having grown up playing in bands himself, and seeing the state of the music industry, Frank thought it was about time to do something about it. In 2013, he founded DMF Digital Ltd. Frank now manages Alya Records from wherever he is in the world, and is responsible for all our fantastic artists reaching your ears. 

Lenny Bedford is the Alya Records tech guy. Being our Multimedia Specialist, Lenny makes all our artists and releases look pretty. Having a knack for making music videos, Lenny has directed and produced some of the music videos for artists on our label, namely Deadset Dream’s ‘Here Not Home’, and ‘Hallways.’ He also professionally took the group photo of us, as seen above.

Autumn Rose Palmer is our Social Media Expert. Being extremely in touch with the current goings on in the music industry, Autumn manages our PR and social media. Having an eye for what is ‘in’, Autumn knows what it takes to reach today’s lovers of modern music. Autumn also manages the coordination of our live events, and keeps all our bands shiny and happy.

Finally, we have Joe Robinson. Joe is in charge of distribution, the planning of releases and all those nitty-gritty jobs that just need to get done (eg. Cactus maintenance). Joe also writes band bios and news items, and takes a particular interest in writing small autobiographical paragraphs, especially in third person.

So there we have it, the Alya Records team.