It’s that time again.

With Festival Season drawing to a close, the time has come again to be planning for next year’s activities. The SXSW Interactive Events Roadshow is coming to the UK on Thursday to give potential festival goers an inside look into how the festival is ran, and many of the events that will be taking place across Austin when SXSW comes in March. The Roadshow will be coming to Leeds College Of Music on Thursday the 1st of September, and will be free entry. 

The Roadshow will also be hosting representatives from many of the world’s top music and digital industries including Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), WOMEX (World Music Expo), Sound City (UK, South Korea & New York), along with many more. 

So if you’re a band, artist or creatively inclined individual, then the SXSW Roadshow is a free chance to get an inside look into how one of the greatest festivals in the world is ran. Reserve your place HERE!